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5oz Protein, 1/2 cup Veggie, 1/2 cup Carb


Grilled Pollo Asado (chicken breast) – Cal:327 Carb:28.5g Fat:2.6g Protein:45.5g


Herb Citrus Chicken Thighs – Cal:319 Carb:23g Fat:9.6g Protein:33g


Asian Sweet Chili Turkey Meatballs – Cal:322 Carb:28.5g Fat:10.5g Protein: 30.55g


Lemon Piccata Tilapia – Cal:242  Carb:22.8g Fat:4g Protein:28.4g


Zesty Street Corn Salmon – Cal:422 Carb:30.8g Fat:18.6g Protein:35.1g


Korean BBQ Ground Beef – Cal:396  Carb:24.5g Fat:17.3g Protein:35g


Grilled Balsamic Pepper Tri Tip  – Cal:486 Carb:25g Fat:21.5g Protein:44.1g

Korean Citrus Chicken Breast – Cal:334 Carb:28g Fat:2.6g Protein:46.7g


Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Thighs – Cal:312 Carb:25g Fat:8.5g Protein:31.5g


Thai Basil Ground Turkey – Cal:331 Carb:28g Fat:13g Protein: 33.5g


Grilled Blackened Tilapia – Cal:227  Carb:25.8g Fat:1.1g Protein:28.1g


Seared Miso Glaze Salmon – Cal:397 Carb:27g Fat:18g Protein:34.05g


Tex Mex Ground Beef – Cal:437 Carb:29.4g Fat:15.5g Protein:32.5g


Chipotle BBQ Tri Tip  – Cal:479 Carb:22.8g Fat:17.2g Protein:44.4g