Black Market Meal Prep offers fully customizable meals made fresh 7 days a week. Our Meal Prep is available in store and online with same day pick up or delivery. Choose from a large variety of proteins, veggies, carbs and house-made sauces. We will gladly accommodate a wide array of individual diets such as, vegan, keto, and gluten free. We strive to provide you with a tasty and easy way to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

We understand that you’re sick of going to so called “Healthy” Juice Bars only to find out that your smoothie contains an excess of sugar. Unlike most, our Juice Bar offers a variety of Fresh Pressed Juices, Fruit Smoothies, and Protein Smoothies without the added Fats and Sugars that no one tells you about. Enjoy a vitamin packed wheatgrass and ginger shot or add immunity boost to any smoothie or juice.


Looking for a healthy lunch option? We’ve got it covered! Our Hot Lunch Menu features delicious bowls and stacked burgers high in protein and low in calories all made to order and served hot and ready to eat. Available Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm


Black Market Meal Prep began as a humble in-home operation for Chef and Owner Bryan Tapia. Bryan has worked for over 10 years in customer service and has studied under several top Executive Chefs in Orange County. Bryan’s extensive background in Culinary arts and customer service is what helped run this operation, however his personal health goals is what ultimately fueled the fire to create delicious healthy food and ultimately lifestyle eating. At the time, healthy food held a stigma of boring or bland and this barrier simply could no longer stand. With the help of his wife, Bryan and Margarita strove to create something that went above and beyond simple meal prep. Margarita has also worked over 5 years in customer service and achieved a degree in Engineering. It has always been a belief that healthy eating can more than a temporary diet. With Bryan’s passion for food and Margarita’s operative skills Black Market Meal Prep slowly began to thrive. Black Market was always meant to be more than just healthy food, and since has been well under way to setting a new standard for a healthy lifestyle.


Whether your looking to get gains or shed some pounds, our meal preps provide a convenient easy-to-eat step into a healthy diet.